Sonya is unlike anyone I’ve ever known. The memory of the first time I really saw her clings to my fingers like maple syrup. Even though I’ve licked the syrup off many times before, the lingering sweetness will remain for years to come. Gym class had just ended and the slow mob of students drifted […]

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I do

The bride’s train snagged on regrets. Thought I’d reinterpret the prompt, train, to spice things up … or weigh them down. Train’s usually a positive word; it means forward motion, improvement, #goals. But. A dress’s train goes behind the wearer. *finger guns* #SixWordStoryChallenge

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No good summonings happen after 2a.m.

“Nieselima vo’shikkarasu, beinturushi, sayedita guroro!” The black-haired boy in beige slacks and a sweater crouched passionately over the crumbled-chalk pentagram in the attic of the storm-torn house. His weak and mortal voice was almost lost in the wind battering the windows. A momentary calm allowed moonlight to flood the room and he glimpsed for an instant his own shadow […]

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The convergence of confusion

I lifted my head from the comfortable nook of my elbow, wrenching my nose away from the familiar smell of my skin. I slowly unfurled from my tight ball. My legs askew and aching from pressing into the gravel, I raised my trembling hand out into the firework-lit night as if to seize each spark and capture it […]

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In a perfect world…

In a perfect world…. The video focuses on a smiling couple, a barking dog, then pans out. A sea of happy faces and hardworking bodies fills the—/sifhn \\D[F;[]F–FF mY CAT—sorry—my cat storms across the keyboard, scattering pens and crumbs everywhere. His claw snags on the placemat as he shoots to the ground, swiping it like […]

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The red-nosed time traveller

Inside a malicious womb of darkness crouched a crying child. Her dimly glowing spirit, strangled by the merciless hands of darkness, convulsed and spasmed like a butterfly pinned to a wall. A brief knock resounded and subsequently a section of the womb peeled away to reveal the face of a man. He had full, ruddy cheeks and a red, […]

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Healthy Hearts Never Die

Water Tower Place at Christmastime was a sight to behold. Green and red wreaths curled around every pillar. Shoppers glided down the escalators like greedy angels with halos of twinkling white stars that ascended all the way to Macy’s. The food court was louder than a high school cafeteria, and only slightly more respectful. Music, oh that unforgettable […]

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