The Burden of Freedom

Sonya is unlike anyone I’ve ever known. The memory of the first time she looked at me clings to me like maple syrup to sticky fingers. Even though I’ve licked off the syrup many times before, there’s still a lingering sweetness. Gym class had just ended and the slow mob of students drifted across the hot, […]

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Saying Goodbye

I actually wrote this is in middle school, and then revamped it when I was procrastinating on some moral theology essay. A breeze galloped down the lane, shuddering the huge oak trees laden with flourishing green leaves. The rusty slam of a car door punctuated the mellow chatter of squirrels as a wide-eyed girl stepped […]

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Introduction, I guess

Hello! Welcome to my first-ever blog! I’m starting this because I’ve always loved to write but I absolutely hate sharing my stories with other people because I’m afraid of judgment. So I thought, what is a more judgment-free place than the internet? Amirite? (Just say yes). I’ll be posting little stories, chapters of longer stories, […]

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